Olde time FLORIDA WATER cologne. Very powerful/strongest on the market


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Why would you buy Florida water mass produced by a machine? It’s definitely NOT the Olde time, authentic Florida water you’re hoping.
My Florida water recipe is passed down for generations.

The oldest recipe is used for this Florida water. Packed with botanicals like lavender and citrus oils which have a long history of use in medicine and folk magic, Florida Water is referenced in the 1930s for use in spirit work.

Our Old recipes include bergamot, orange oil, lavender, clove, orris, cinnamon and Peru balsam all in a heavily alcoholic diluent (R. S. Christiani, 1877)

Shamanic cleansing spirit water.

Lightly spritz Alchemy Florida Water at all four points of doorways into your home. Alternately, you can mist onto a cloth, cotton ball or small broom and burnish the doorways.
* Sometimes the sprayer will become clogged with particles that are brewed making the Florida Water, should this occur, simply pour some on a washcloth and wipe down your areas. Then place the cloth in a ziplock baggie for future use.

Excellent as a wash for floors and window sills to cleanse and protect your home.

***Cleanse your altar, divination tools, ritualistic cleaning, general cleaning, many uses.

***Product Bottles may change at times depending on availability but the amounts will always remain the same.

NOTE: IF you are out of the country it can take extended time to deliver and may have to process through customs. This CAN take up to 4-6 weeks depending on where you are

Omg this smells so good my first Florida water purchase and even came with free gifts would definitely order from this shop again Thankyou

I was looking for an all natural, homemade Florida water and am so glad I found this one! Smells great too. Definitely recommend.

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