MASSIVE Magick/Shaman/ WARLOCK/WITCH/Elder/Medicine Man/Woman wand


Shipping to United States: $6.50

LARGE 17.5 inches in length, weighing almost a pound!

Wand shown is NOT the wand you will receive. Each wand is crafted upon purchase.

POWERFUL, warlock/witch wand crafted by a gray witch.
This wand is for a Master and is NOT a novice wand.

Custom made with the most sacred beliefs in the universe.

My second wand from Christa. The wand is very grounding and enlightening at the same time. She's absolutely gorgeous. A size comparison is shown in the following photo.

Fantastic wand received from a truly Talented and Amazing Artist! Wand was expertly packaged with love and care, made it safely from the East Coast to Alaska with no issues, and to me is a breathtaking work of majestic art! The power of this wand is accentuated properly and effectively with quality craftsmanship only a person truly honed in their craft can provide! I am honored to have received this wand, and it’s accompanying companions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all to do whatever you can to get your forever piece from Mage Apothecary, you will not be sorry!

This shop owner consistently proves her knowledge, wisdom and dedication to her magic. Her items and wares are consistently well charged, powerfully spelled and resilient. Her magic is potent and very precise and direct. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ALL HER WARES, thanks Christa!

this is an incredible woman with amazing talent....she was on point with help from begining to end . I haven't had much time or money to purchase much this month but she was very reasonably priced and very informative. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.

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