High John the Conquerer OIL/Celebrity/Fame Spiritual Spray


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High John the Conqueror has been used for many many years and is known for its unbeatable power in strengthening whatever you place your intention towards.
It is a strong magikal component in many spells. Used is hoodoo Magick for centuries.
It has commanding attention, removing obstacles, success in business and finance, success in love and solving all problems.

**** 1.It is Used today in all powerful spells and potions as the ultimate influencer.
2. Spray as you would a perfume before you go out gambling or simply out at all to draw luck and fame to you.
3. Spray and anoint candles prior to doing candle-work.

As always, it is made when the moon is right.
* should the sprayer become clogged, as occasionally happens through no fault of our own, use the liquid directly from the bottle. This item is made with herbs and they will occasionally clog the sprayer.

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The item ordered arrived in a very timely manner and it smells very good. Quality for sure.

MageApothecary is a beautiful Etsy Shop! The owner is amazing! I will always be a repeat customer! My High John The Conqueror Spray smells wonderful! I could feel the power in my spray, when I opened my bottle! Great Gratitude!

smells good, packaged well, thanks!

packaged and shipped well, smells really good!!!! thanks!

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