Young witch/Baby WITCH/Witchling Wand


Shipping to United States: $6.50

Every young/baby witch needs a wand!!

Smaller, yet SO POWERFUL, beginners wand. (please specify if your craft is light or dark, I do craft both)

Crafted with the PERFECT materials for your budding craft💜 and charged to you from the very beginning of its magical creation. This wand arrives to you eager to grow alongside you , helping you in your craft. Actual wand will differ from photo. Each wand is crafted upon ordering.

Crafted by me, a gray witch using my very strong intuition regarding you.
If you would like to tell me anything special about you or have a special request that you would like incorporated into the wand please send me at purchase time💜

NOTE: IF you are out of the country it can take an extended time to deliver and may have to process through customs. This can take 4-6 weeks. Please allow for this before contacting me

I am so beyond grateful for this “ Baby wand ” This wand out did my excitations in every single way possible. Seller is absolutely amazing!!!! Great customer service very powerful wand. I have seen things improving n my life since I got the wand. I asked the wand what it’s name was, I didn’t want to name it on my own. I heard ezera, meaning “God helps” or “God protects. I looked up the name, it goes back to one of my past lives in ancient Egypt. It means “ Helped by God, To help, support. short for, Azaryahu, I’m sure we would spell Azariah, Meaning "helped by God," the name is bestowed to many figures within the bible, from guardian angels to high priests. 🥲“I am a divine channeler, This wand was meant exactly for me. Thank you so much for everything!! ICustomer for life 💜

I am obsessed! So beautiful!

Beyond what I hoped for! Beautiful! And the message she sent me describing it as well as telling me what my spirit guides told her was dead on accurate!! I will treasure it always!

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