Strong Protection/Banishment kit. Conjure oil. (5)Black candles, one charged oil & a bottle of ritually charged matches.


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Strongest Protection kit

Used to rid places of evil and negativity while providing the strongest protection.

This kit can be used any way you see fit, it is also used in positive rituals to absorb illnesses and stop bad habits.
Enhancing our powers and enforcing our inner strength,giving us stronger self control.

1. 5 beautiful Black candles, that can be charged to whichever intent you specify. Or you can determine that once you receive them.

2. Oil & herb blend specific to Protection/Banishment.

3. Bottle of (10) white or black ritually charged matches to perform your magical tasks.

4. Salt for your circle.


1. Choose your candle.
2. Anoint the candle with the protection oil provided. Allow the oil to stay on the candle for 1 hr minimum.
3. Wipe oil off of candle.
4. Harness mentally your intent. Focus strongly on what it is you desire to achieve with this ritual.
5. Write your intent on a piece of paper if you wish.(this is your petition). This is not necessary, but some prefer to use this method on their work.
6. Place the petition at the base of the candle, face up.
7. Draw a circle around the candle and petition and light your candle.
8. Chant this:

“ I trust in the protection of my spirit, body and mind as I now hold a shield unlike any other kind.
My aura is strong with white light defined from my divine energy and spirit combined.”

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