Strongest Love draw spell conjure oil kit


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This amazing kit has everything you need to draw the object of your desire to you. Forever.

1. (2)Powerful Pink Candles. The strongest color used for Love magic. This color represents the love that comes from the heart before the physical kind occurs. When you’re after TRUE, pure love. This is the one to you.

2. Magical blended oil and herbs for the strongest love draw possible. This blend is the one that can’t be beat and guarantees success 99% of the time when used.

3. Bottle of (10) ritually charged black or white tipped candles to complete your tasks.

1. anoint your candle with the included oil. Wipe any oil off after 1 hour.
write the name of your subject on a piece of paper.
2. Set your candle. place the paper and any herbs in your candle bag, around your candle.
3. Draw a ring around your candle with table salt.
4. Light your candle and state your intent!

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Good product

I absolutely love all her products! I began the ritual without any expectations but wow! It worked quick and I made the most magical connection ever! I still can’t believe it.

I highly recommend this seller. She always gives a free gift and is always quick to respond. Products are wonderful.

The oil that came with the kit smelled amazing! I had a lot left over after casting the spell so I've been wearing it on my pulse points. It was fast shipping, too and the same night I completed the ritual I had a dream about two men. They were attractive but again, not quite what I am looking for. I've always been pretty selective about people I give my attention to and with the power of this spell combined with another love drawing candle I brought i feel I will have a great selection of people to choose from soon!

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