Magic Beans


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(11)MAGICK/Mojo wish beans in a bag for you to carry.

11 wish beans total 11 wishes.

Traditional Hoodoo has a specific ritual for the proper use of Magic/Mojo Beans. Practitioners instruct the caster to make an odd number of wishes, typically 1,3, or 7, and then to carry the Mojo Bean in a flannel pouch for 7 days. At dawn on the 7th day the petitioner is told to find a source of running water, call out their wish (in the name of a preferred Deity, if desired), and then toss the bean over the left shoulder and into the water. Having invoked the spell, the caster is told to “walk away and do not look back”. The wish will be granted 7 days after the ritual is completed.

And what powerful wishes they will be.

Use each one to aid in making your wishes comes true.
Take a bean, make your wish, carry it for 7 days then bury the bean. Wish granted!

Very Useful in dream Magic.
Voodoo bean, Hoodoo bean, Mojo, Santeria, African Dream bean, Magic bean.

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