Cleopatra Seduction Spell Oil/strongest obsession oil/powerful conjure oil/attraction oil/seduction oil


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NO ONE knew the art of seduction like Cleopatra. No one.

This very ancient recipe oil is rumored to have come from her time and possibly from even from her herself. Ancient papyrus writings detail a “oil” favored by the Queen and we have used those very ingredients in this oil.

No man could resist her. She always got who she wanted. You can too.

SUPER POTENT, Very large bottles, just a small amount will go a very long way. The bottle itself is mesmerizing. 💜🖤 and know that bottles will vary upon distributor availability at times. Be assured any used will be beautiful.

(It is shipped as securely as possible and inside a plastic bag that ensures capture of any oil should it leak during shipping. Should this occur, The oil can be poured back into bottle and used.)

Shipping price has increased by 2.00. Thanks to USPS😖
. This is a very large 1 PLUS lb package just by itself!
Very Large bottle💜 Heavy item

NOTE: IF you are out of the country it can take extended time to deliver and may have to process through customs. This CAN take up to 4-6 weeks.

Use a few drops in your bath.
Massage a few drops into your skin after bathing or showering.
Anoint candles.
Place a drop on your pulse points.
Use your imagination, do as Cleopatra would have done!

Please do not ask my ingredients, they are all cold pressed, fractionated, 100% organic,hypoallergenic oils. If you have allergy concerns please do not order.
As always Free gift with purchase 💕

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Haven't been able to use it yet it just came in the mail but wow is it beautiful. The smell is heavenly. I very much appreciate the careful packaging as well. I also love the sample of vampire blood that she included.

Smells really good , like a nice perfume fragrance . Not too strong but strong enough , the energy is phenomenal and the bottle is beautiful . Very big as well . Didn’t really leak either while going through transit .

This bottle is humongous and so beautiful to look at! Love the color! Bottle was carefully wrapped! Not a drop of oil spilled, which is incredible! My bottle happened to have no detectable scent at all, and I reached out to the seller. She was so understanding and sweet, and she promised to replace it! *UPDATE* The seller sent me a little scented oil to add to my bottle so it will smell nice! This oil she just sent me is so strong and beautiful!! I smelled it as I was opening my package, and when I took it out, I could smell it a foot away!! She even gave me a free gift, which was totally unexpected, but greatly appreciated!! Thank You, Thank You!! Now my Cleopatra Oil Is Perfect!! 😀❤️

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