Contact Your Spirit Guides/medium oil/ psychic oil, conjure oil, White candle set(5) & bottle of 10 matches.salt/


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1. White candles aid in helping you connect with your spirit guides bringing about spiritual enlightenment.

Very Powerful color for clairvoyance and enlightenment. Beneficial for healing and protection.

2. The powerful blend of herbs and oil to encourage contact with your spirit guides. This oil allows the doorway to open up between both so contact can be made.

3. Ritually charged matches to light your candles.

4. Bottle of Salt


I like to use this as I’m bathing. My guides and ancestors come through easily during this time. There is something about being immersed in water, it being a very strong conduit, gateway for spiritual contact, that that is the way I use this.

1. Draw your bath water. As warm as possible.
2. Add 3-4 drops of the oil to the tub.
3. Anoint a candle and wipe down.
4. Add a pinch of salt to your bath water and draw a small ring around your anointed candle.
5. Burn one of the incense provided.
6. Light your candle and step into your bath.
7. Meditate and call upon those who you wish to make contact with.

They may speak to you during this time, move things, give you signs or they may come during your dreams.

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I haven’t gotten to use this yet either but like I said if you have questions she always responds and is very helpful. This is my favorite seller and I would recommend her shop to everyone. It will be the best experience that you can have.

Love this item came in the mail quick

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