Psychic Abilities, INTUITION, Divination and Magical Powers, (2)candles (1)charge oil, (11)matches and psychic incense


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If you want to increase your magical powers, enhance your psychic abilities, learn ancient wisdom and so much more, This powerful set is for you.

1. 2 ritually charged purple candles. Purple is the color associated with expansion and all things metaphysically enlightening.

2. Powerful blend of herbs, oils, etc to encourage awakening and aid in enhancing all of your psychic abilities.

3. 10 white or black tipped ritually charged candles for your task.

4. Psychic enabling incense.


Before anything you must Locate a quiet, peaceful

1. Anoint your candles with a small amount of the oil included. Allow the oil to remain on the candles for at least 15 mins minimum.
2. Wipe the oil from the candles prior to burning.
3. Light an incense with one of the ritually charged matches included in your kit.
4. Dab a small amount of oil on your third eye (between your brows)
5. Light one of your ritually charged candles and begin your meditation on opening your third eye.

Take in the smells of the room, your candle burning, the scent of the special oil you are wearing, the incense that draws deep awareness and mediation success.

You may repeat this as often as needed to Achieve your goals. Some achieve success after a time or two and others take longer. Much depends on your current level Of blockage and your committed energies to the task. Negative energies or thoughts cause blockages, be mindful during this time.

Carry your stone with you during this time.

Blessed be.

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I love it but it’s very strong for me and gives me a rash :(

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