PSYCHIC Powers Ritual Bath


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This is THE strongest Psychic Ritual bath product on the market.

Are you feeling sluggish in life and your work? Are you becoming stagnant? Losing sight of your direction, becoming distracted? I was too until I created this. This Custom bath soak will allow you to tap into it back in to those specific powers desired and needed to take your work to the top and achieve everything you need and ask for.

This is not your average ritual bath soak. This is very strong and very potent. With not simply a few psychic ability herbs but MANY. Specifically those used by the old masters.

When you are serious about your work and a true sacred ritual bath is what you’re after, look no further.

Item is heavy, large product. 💜

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A beautiful bath salt mix. Definitely recommend!

Love your Etsy dearyy I’ll buy again and again♥️🌼♥️

Always an exciting gift inside of every order. Wow as a return customer I assure you all items including baths 🛁 salt are insurmountable!!!⬆️💚👍🏽💯

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