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The opposite effect of sweeten/honey jar/sugar jar spell.

When you’ve had enough of their S&?! and are ready to make them pay..

Sour jars sour people, situations,relationships, and opportunities, and make your intended target’s life pretty crappy. life begins to suck pretty quick for them and why shouldn’t it after what they’ve done to you!

This Sour jar is perfect for
A break up spell (to break two people , doesn’t have to be romantic partner, can be business partner, friendship, anyone)

To sour target’s job, make them fail at work 😖

To sour any of target’s opportunities, so nothing good comes their way, it will be one negative experience after another.

To sour target’s friendships, will turn them into a outcast among people so No one wants to be around them.

To sour target’s relationship, no happiness in that department.
Arguing non stop

And so much more!
Vinegar based, nasty ingredients. , Product containers may change based on availability but volumes will always remain the same💚

***No recast on this listing. ***

send me the target’s information upon ordering. First and last name and DOB. If it’s a couple, I need both information. If you don’t know their full name or DOB, send me what you do know or their picture works, too. please send whatever you do know.

*this is the price of one person. If it’s a couple that you’re trying to break up, then one jar is good for one couple.
If you want to break up more than one couple, you will need to purchase separate jar(s)***

Also, send a brief description of Things that you want to happen to your target such as sour their job/opportunities/relationship etc) keep it short but specific please. Brief.

** YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED CANDLE WORK, you agree to this fact and that you must participate.

***nothing will be shipped ***

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message PRIOR to purchase as I do not offer exchange, return or refunds.

As per Etsy requirement it is stated that all metaphysical and spell workings are for entertainment purposes only.

All spell works are subject to your own personal interpretation and do not substitute for professional advice. Client is responsible for their own actions.

I will deliver spells as fast as I can without compromising the quality of my work. Your patience & understanding is truly appreciated.
Blessed Be

I am little confused; I didn't get anything in particular like message or photo etc. so I have no idea if it will work. But I'm excited! I hope it does!

Just got my result exactly on the Cold Moon. Thank you so much, will order again!

She is amazing and her shop Carries a variety of products, and spells and they work really well .

Still waiting on manifestation. Will keep you posted!

Excellent sent pictures very professional will wait and see the results patiently definitely recommend as I was very impressed how well she listened and did everything to her upmost best

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