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It was the job of Anubis to discern ones true heart and decide if the subject was worthy of a afterlife.
This POWERFUL Anubis oil gives you the power to see what ones heart is. Important information if you’re considering a relationship, business investment, trip, etc.

Known as well for his strength and speed, this magical oil imports those qualities to you when meeting people and knowing what their true intentions are and if they mean well or not. Time is of the essence.

Why invest weeks and months when we don’t have to? Wear this, a few drops in your bath, anoint your candles and tools and see clearly almost immediately who someone really is. Revelation comes in the form of an immediate thought, a dream, a phrase someone randomly speaks during conversation. Be ready to know…

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This came in such a beautiful container and is wonderful. Thank you. 🖤✨

Wonderful! Anubis loves this!

Wow! This oil is incredible!!!! It works! I got all the answers I needed and then some. I use it a lot to help with my intuition. And the seller was very helpful.

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