Powerful SPIRIT INFUSED/Djinn/Genie infused locket/pendant


Shipping to United States: $6.00

Within your locket is bound your own Spirit/ Angel/ Genie/ DJinn/ HELPER.
Choose the type of “Djinn,genie”, “spirit” you wish to keep in your possession based on your needs.

All are masters and can grant you three wishes. Extremely powerful and efficient.


You are going to possess your own spiritual helper. They are bound to you before leaving me and once you receive the locket.

2 rules:


Only once you are certain you have used it to your satisfaction and are completely done with it. Requiring it no more.
Once it has been opened or has gotten wet the spiritual helper will be gone and travel back to me.

Your locket will be charged with your own magical helper, just for you. To assist you in the ways you ask, when you ask and exactly how you ask.

Do you want a helper for safety and protection? For Lust/Sex?
For Success and Wealth? Maybe Fame is what you seek?
Do you desire better health? Maybe you Want to heal others? Do you want greater self confidence? To speak well and command attention? The possibilities are endless.

****I choose your locket based on your needs specified. When you tell me what your “wants and wishes” are for your spirit genie, I choose the appropriate color locket for that

. NOTE: IF you are out of the country it can take extended time to deliver and may have to process through customs. This CAN take 4-6 weeks

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This locket is quite mysterious and I feel a strong connection with my spiritual guide. In due time, I know that my guide will help make things happen for me.

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