BIG Bank Candle/Give me money spell/jackpot candle/hit the jackpot


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This Big Bank Candle is the Most POWERFUL money draw candle on the market. It has the strongest draw of money to you beating out all other money spell candles, oils and spells. Infused with the most powerful money drawing herbs, oils and MONEY.

HOW DO YOU DRAW FAVOR TO YOU FROM THE SPIRITS AND ANGELS? You give them what they want…this candle is that.

This candle is what you want if you’re going to the casino, playing the lottery or just wanting to draw that unexpected money/check to you.

***Results could be immediate or take a little while, magic has its own timeline and your energies must believe💰💸💵 in The power of the spell.

** as always Free gift with every purchase

Beautiful, carefully crafted item, as always! 🖤

Burn cash 1000 and I don't have Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews alot and family and friend and my bank overdraft fee alot money 😭

This was a beautiful peice

Thank you for fast shipping.

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