Witches Bells/ Protection Bells/ Ward off Evil/Negativity Bell


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POWERFUL Witches Bells. Created by a Grey Witch.

Use as followed:

1. Ring your witch’s bells to announce the start of a ritual or spell working; witches bells are also used to invoke CERTAIN deities (do your research beforehand)
2. Hang them from your front door to announce visitors AND to ward off negative energy.
3. Hang them from your witch’s cabinet or altar to ward off low level spirits that may try to feed on the energy there AND to warn you if someone is playing around with your sacred tools
4. You can also hang a bell from your pet’s collar to know their whereabouts AND to protect them from negative energy (you only want to use ONE small bell for safety purposes)
5. Hang them in your bedroom window to help ward off nightmares and trickster astral spirits.
6. Hang them in your rearview window in your vehicle to ward off the evil eye and bad luck
7. Business owners hang bells on their front door to alarm them to customers as well as to protect from negative energy
8. Bells are rung in fertility spells and represent the male and female genitalia coming together AND the baby in the womb
9. Wear bells on your ankles, wrists, etc. while dancing to raise energy and deter negative forces during invocation and ritual
10. Ring a bell to announce dinner to your family before a holiday or sabbat meal.

** VERY IMPORTANT- unless you specify with or without fabric at time of order, I will intuitively choose the bells for you.

**as always, free gift with every purchase. 🤍🖤

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