Deadly Desire Soap/strong manifestation spell soap/ultimate attraction soap/lavender pheromone


Shipping to United States: $6.00

Bathing with this incredibly sexy scent will give you the advantage of mesmerizing your “date” without them realizing what you’ve done.

This is a very old, very proven sexual attractant scent and it is always a winner for the wearer.

Ancient royalty bathed in this scent believing it kept them young and attractive.

Everyone will be drawn to you and want to know what you’re wearing! ♥️

💜Spell enhanced necklace included with purchase

All natural
And only organic ingredients used. Very old recipe for youth and seduction.

Beautiful! Wonderful shop and amazing owner. She is wonderful and very responsive.

Not Hsppy with the necklace as I only received a pendant.

Omg just as shown, the smell is so nice I'll be buying another one.

This soap 🧼 is beautiful 😍 🤩 👌! I love the smell and the presentation of the soap. Nice 👍 item definitely met my expectations!

Had to order more because before the first one my love life sucked I felt like I wasn’t going to find anyone and after using the first bar me and this guy got closer and closer now he’s talking about marriage, being obsessed with me (be careful who you go around after using) and he does everything for me literally I’m so impressed I cannot believe how fast things turned around d for me and he’s the sweetest, I’m very thankful for this shop and the seller customer service is excellent I highly recommend 🥰🥰🥰💜💜

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