Deadly Desire Soap/strong manifestation spell soap/ultimate attraction soap/lavender pheromone


Shipping to United States: $6.00

Bathing with this incredibly sexy scent will give you the advantage of mesmerizing your “date” without them realizing what you’ve done.

This is a very old, very proven sexual attractant scent and it is always a winner for the wearer.

Ancient royalty bathed in this scent believing it kept them young and attractive.

Everyone will be drawn to you and want to know what you’re wearing! ♥️

💜Spell enhanced necklace included with purchase

All natural
And only organic ingredients used. Very old recipe for youth and seduction.

This soap WORKS I've had a coworker that I just met bring me a an expensive gift and we barely know each other. This works 💜💜💜

Beautiful! Wonderful shop and amazing owner. She is wonderful and very responsive.

Not Hsppy with the necklace as I only received a pendant.

Omg just as shown, the smell is so nice I'll be buying another one.

This soap 🧼 is beautiful 😍 🤩 👌! I love the smell and the presentation of the soap. Nice 👍 item definitely met my expectations!

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