Pure African Black Soap/Anago/Alata/ Osse Dudu/sabulun salo/ Ncha nkota /skin magic healing


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This is Pure African Black Soap. Made with the old South African/Ghana recipe.

This soap is proven to effectively treat eczema and psoriasis like nothing else. Give yourself a week to see and feel the true difference. No more itching, burning, flaking skin. A true miracle soap.

BONUS: Infused with a touch of Beauty intention by me 🖤💜

This is one of the most amazing cleansers out there for your skin.

For men and women, the many benefits are scar minimizing, treatment, acne treatment, oily skin, eczema, dark spots, wrinkle reduction , rosacea, skin rashes, anti fungal, anti aging, and so many more.

Use it on your face, hair and body! Apply with a loofah or sponge.

Ingredients are:
Plantain ash
Palm leaves
Shea butter
Cocoa pod leaves
Palm oil

**Price is per bar

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This soap is great. Highly recommend.

Wow This soap is the ultimate! Thank you for the xtra gift! Highly recommended shop!

shipped and packaged well, looking forward to this, and thanks so much for the extras!

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