Priestess/Isis Carnelian Amulet/Necklace/Goddess Isis Magic Carnelian/Deity draw/manifestation spell/priestess magick


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There were and are only two preferred stones above all others, of the Goddess Isis, one is Carnelian, the other is Lapis Lazuli.

****This listing is for the Carnelian amulet.
There is a separate listing for the Lapis Lazuli necklace.

Isis resurrected her brother, husband and divine King Osiris. She is the divine mother and helper of the dead on the afterlife. She was never without either of these stones and believed they bestowed great power to her.

Her power was believed to be greater than that of all other gods. She was the ultimate protector and was believed to have powers over fate itself.

I have created these with the help of Isis herself, with the strongest Egyptian magic and the most powerful intent for you and your path.
If you love and believe in some
Of the oldest most powerful Magick in the history of the world, this is a must have for you. The cult of Isis is still alive

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