Extreme and FAST wealth spray/Big Bank Roll spray


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Solve your financial problems. Draw a continuous stream of money to you. You don’t have to work yourself to death day in and day out. Use the same tools the wealthy use, and they do use these tools. Now is your time to have plenty and be able to do the things you want to do for you and maybe your loved ones. Life does not have to be a constant struggle.
If you gamble, this is for you! A spray or dab, rubbed together on the palm of your hands and WOW!! But don’t use too much or everyone around you will be hitting the jackpot as well.
Unlimited Money opportunities will come to you.
Spells as old as time, used by Mages, Sorcerers, Healers and those with such powers to help bring about wealth for those who asked.
I use the oldest magic, herbs, crystals and oils to create the sprays and oils in my shop. I also call upon entities and angels when required.
My oils are used by many all
Over the world for their needs and to achieve their desires.
When you want something you purchase to work, you want an experienced generational spell caster with proven results.
White magic, no blow back or repercussions to you.

*As per Etsy requirement and by law, it must be stated that all spells and metaphysical listings are strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Another wonderful item. Thank you so much. 🖤

I received my Package Hopefully it’s works

Omg this is so beautiful, smell good I'll try it.

L'article n'est jamais arrivé... Quel dommage

Smells amazing! Will update on results

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