Comfrey Tincture/pain relief


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It is clinically proven to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling of muscles and joints in the case of degenerative arthritis, acute myalgia in the back, sprains, contusions and strains after sports injuries and accidents

Comfrey root tincture can be added to homemade salves and balms or massaged directly into the skin. Our comfrey root extract is for external use only and should not be used on broken or abraded skin. Organic alcohol, water, and dried organic comfrey root.

****Comfrey is not recommended for internal use because of the liver damage caused by its pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Patients with hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to the plant should also avoid external use. Definitely do not use during pregnancy or nursing, with infants, and if you have liver or kidney disease.

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NOTE: Keep out of eyes. Not suitable for oral consumption.

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