Spell Boost/Empowerment /spell completion/Add-on


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This is to act as a powerful booster or focus/concentration additive in your purchased spells or rituals. .

**If you are purchasing this for me to complete your candle work portion of a spell then you must state that at time
Of purchase.

Can be purchased to add additional ritual requests, or an empowerment spell performed two weeks after a ritual to give your spell an energy boost toward more rapid manifestation.

This is a add on of manifestation time and intent.

*If you require that I perform candle work for you for a spell you are purchasing, contact me FIRST.

***This add on WILL work for the Health or Forgiveness spell/Honey Jar Spell and Sugar Jar Spells and no additional photos will be provided for this.

****it will NOT work for the Jackpot/Obsession/Come to Me/Money/spells.

***Again, Photos are provided for the actual manifestation ritual NOT for the boost and days of extra candlework.

***If my honesty needs to be questioned then you need to be doing your own part and conducting your candlework yourself­čĺť

Spell is performed within the hour and once complete you will receive a message stating so. No items are mailed with the add on options. It is a spell performed using the most ancient magic.

great seller communication, thanks so much!

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