POWERFUL Spiritual Bath Soaks


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Choose from THE FOLLOWING:

1. SPIRITUAL CLEANSING, as a healer and/or empath you know how important it is to take a soak and cleanse the absorbed emotions from our work and daily lives. A mix of Special herbs and salts assure that happens. Epsom, Lavender, White Sage and Chickweed.

2. SPIRITUAL FOCUS, with the precise blend of herbs and salt guarantees this bath does what it needs to. After a long day we can be drained...depleted. This is amazing for a recharge of brain with Epsom Salt, White Sage, Peppermint, Rosemary and Coltsfoot.

3. SPIRITUAL HEALING. Any one who works with the metaphysical realms needs help healing. We bring home and absorb residual energies and this bath releases those, providing nourishments to our soul. Himalayan Pink Salt, Lavender, White Sage, Epsom, Comfrey Leaf and Hyssop.

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Arrived yesterday I took the most luminous bath 🛀 one could experience. I choose healing being empath you need this. Protection for you and what you do.⭐️👍🏽🙌😎

Beautiful item that I received quickly.

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