Witches Burrs/sweet gum balls


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These Witches’ Burrs pods have been manually harvested during a full moon, gathered from the ground under a sweet gum tree.
Known as a traditional American Hoodoo magikal item Witches’ Burrs are considered a powerful protection amulet and are used on altars, witch bottles, in spirit bags,as the base for amulets, charms, as altar icons, and for spellwork
Also used to add power to any spell, magickal workings, encantamientos, brujería, vudú and hoodoo. It’s known to defeat evil forces,evil eye, keep negativity away and can be used in breaking curses.
Another common way to use it is to create Hoodoo dolls.
Some practitioners keep witches burr on their altars as they are believed to bring good luck, and keep unwanted company away from your house.
They are said to attract good spirits. Some people hang them in entrance ways to serve as a protective energy block to the open space. Others hang them in windows.

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