EMPATH ENERGY clearing Spray/Reiki charged/


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As empaths we absorb SO much ambient energy, from people we work with, live with, shop with, deal with or even just walk by!!

It’s very easy to ignore that and to get weighed down and burnt out.

This energy clearing spray is such a tremendous help. I use it at least 4 times a week. Every week! it is used as a space freshener, such as an air freshener NOT applied directly to the skin.

It truly helps me to stay focused and not feel like I’m
Being pulled in 10 different directions (which is usually am)😉
This spray clears away those excessive negative energies FAST!

ONLY 100% natural and organic oils used. please note that at times of the year when the temperatures are extremely hot, artificial floral and herb pieces are used in the bottles as embellishments as the natural items break down too rapidly in extreme temperatures. Be assured, the oils and energy cleansing potency remains the same.

LAVENDER- replenishes positive energies and calms you.
ANGELICA- clears neg energy from your personal space.
CEDAR WOOD- allows you to stay calm, centered and focused.
PINE- provides strength and creates a energetic barrier while also deflecting negativity.

You will love this💜🤍♥️

***Product containers may change at times based on availability. The volumes will always remain the same💗 also, in seasons of extreme temperatures such as summer and winter, beautiful artificial flowers and herbs may be used to preserve the efficiency of the item 🖤

Free gift with every purchase.

Can already feel the difference after using this!

Love the smell and it works wonders.

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